Flying down from the mountains in a swimsuit

On Sunday, 12 January, there is the “Lake Maggiore Zipline”, in Aurano, the fifth year of the winter flying challenge. Here’s how to take part

"Cimento in volo” alla Lago Maggiore Zipline

On Sunday 12 January, there is the Lake Maggiore Zipline, in Aurano, near Verbania, the fifth year of this winter flying challenge. In the mountains surrounding Lake Maggiore, the adrenalin of flying will be even stronger, as the most fearless will be either undressed or in fancy dress, challenging the cold January temperatures. There will be no shortage of excitement, adrenalin, people looking up, and lots of laughter.

The flight lasts a little more than one and a half minutes, and the speed exceeds 120 km/h. The fearless challengers will be harnessed firmly to a cable, and will descend 1850 m, from Pian d’Arla (1307 m a.s.l.) to Alpe Segletta (960 m a.s.l.).

Depending on your courage and resistance to the cold, you can choose from two flight categories: the “Brave Challenger” (“Cimentista Coraggioso”), dressed in a T-shirt and skirt or trousers, and the “Fearless Challenger” (“Cimentista Goliardico”), dressed in a costume or in underwear.

There are special prices (€5) for anyone flying in fancy dress or in underwear, and €10 for anyone flying in a T-shirt. Those more sensitive to the cold can fly fully clothed and enjoy the flights of the fearless and fancy-dressed challengers.

To participate, you must book, by filling the form in the dedicated news section on the Lake Maggiore Zipline website.

Aurano, a picturesque and panoramic commune perched on a sunny slope overlooking the Intrasca Valley, can be reached easily by car, in an hour and a half from Milan. You can also leave your car in Alpe Segletta, where there is a car park, the ticket office and the bar/restaurant La Batua, and from there, continue comfortably by shuttle bus, to Pian d’Arla, to reach the “fienile”, where the flight starts.

The challengers will be setting off from 11 a.m., and to get to the “fienile”, a transfer by snowmobile will be organised, in the event of snow.

The participants in the Winter Flying Challenge will only be able to fly “free style”, alone or in pairs, as they choose. The flight includes front attachment above or below the belt; during the flight, an upright position is kept and the arms and legs are free to move (for the more fearless, we recommend bringing a change of clothes to leave at the end station of the Zipline).

An added incentive to experience this fresh adrenaline rush is that the goal of the event is charitable: for each flight purchased, €2 will be donated to a local philanthropic organisation.

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