Is Clooney buying a house in Ispra?

Rumours are going round the village that the famous actor visited the historic Villa Ghedini, after dining in restaurants in the area. “No official contact,” says the council.

george clooneyIs George Clooney coming to Varese Province? It sounds impossible, but it might not only be a hypothesis. From Lake Como to the shores of Lake Maggiore is not such a great distance, especially after the confirmations received over the last few days that the American star is selling the famous Villa Oleandra, in Laglio, through an American agency. After the numerous invasions of privacy suffered last summer following his love story with Elisabetta Canalis, George Clooney is apparently looking for a new house, but he does not want to leave Italy, particularly its lake district. Many theories about his new abode have been suggested by the Italian and International press. But the one that now appears to be on everyone’s lips concerns the village of Ispra.

Over the last few days, gossip has been on the increase in the village; it would appear that the actor dined in two very well-known restaurants in the area, the “Sole” in Ranco, and the farm restaurant “La Quassa” in Ispra. According to the gossip, the actor is interested in the historic Villa Ghedini.

“We have also heard the rumours,” the council administration explained, “but we haven’t had any official contacts or requests.” The Villa is privately owned and, if the actor really is interested, he does not need to spend hours with the council administration. Of course, there is a lot of excitement in the village, and the idea that the former Dr Ross of E.R. might become a fellow inhabitant is on everyone’s lips.

Pubblicato il 23 Gennaio 2010
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